C6 P43

C6 P43

Dec 24, 2020


i have a lot to say now that we're here. let's start with the tl;dr: next chapter will likely start on patreon in january, then here in february.

now then. phew. oof. hoo. this is it. a point of no return, and essentially the halfway marker of the whole story. it was agony to crawl the final stretches of this chapter, but we got here in the end, and i am so glad.

a lot has happened during the break- both good and bad. i lost my cat tully. it broke my heart, but i've had to say goodbye to so many pets in my life, that i'm familiar with the grieving process. i'll be okay. all the gentleness you guys showed me when it happened was truly amazing. thank you.

so here is some good stuff: i finally restored all the old alt text, so now you can go back and visit some classic recoil jokes. i also got a display tablet! it is a major upgrade from my little bamboo and so much better on my wrist. it's partly thanks to the new tablet that i was able to finish this chapter for christmas. it also allowed me to start working on a secret new project... excited to tell you about that one in the new year.

also during the break, i decided to make it public that i'm autistic, and so is kalo! i have my own thoughts on how his autism manifests, but i happily leave that open for you to explore too. here is a longer tumblr post if you feel like reading that.

as far as the next chapter goes, i still need to finish scripting and thumbing it! i would like to start sketching it in january. you can hop on board the patreon here if you want to watch the next chapter built up from the start. i will spend some time posting the pages there, to build up my buffer, before i start releasing them here on the main site. public debut of chapter 7 will likely be in february.

thank you so much for reading. have happy and safe holidays, and i'll see you next year