C6 P25
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18th Jun 2020, 12:00 AM

C6 P25

hey everyone, i'm putting recoil on break for a few weeks. this is with respect to the current surge in the BLM movement. i won't spoil too much, but the next pages deal with some violence, and i feel they hit too close to home right now. i think more violence is the last thing i want to give people at a time like this.

i know there's never truly a "better" time to resume posting, given that this has been and will continue to be a long fight. and my comic itself is made as a response to systemic issues. i'll do my best to choose a less exhausting time to resume.

as excited as i am to share recoil, it will never be as important as what's actually going on in the real world. and when i decide to come back, i will give you a nice big multi-page update. until then, stay safe. donate to a bail fund near you. and abolish police!

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4th Jul 2020, 5:32 PM


Take all the time you need. This scene looks quite heavy.

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