C6 P19
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7th May 2020, 12:00 AM

C6 P19

it's good to be back! i worked on a buffer while the coloring contest was under way, and i'd really like to keep it until the end of the chapter. patreon's already started creeping into the juicy bits of the next scene.

as i mentioned before, recoil will be black and white until further notice. i usually scan the pages on a public scanner, so in the interest of public safety i decided to stop scanning pages until the covid situation improves. i'm taking pictures of the pages with my camera instead, but it's not the best quality, so it's really not worth my time to color them until i can access a scanner again. kinda frustrating! but as you can see, i won't let that stop me from updating. i really, really want to deliver the rest of this chapter to you. i've been waiting for it for so long. :]

thanks for reading <3

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8th May 2020, 8:29 AM


wow, you do the inking traditionally? I didn't realise! the lineart is so clean.

even without colour the different line widths still make the comic visually interesting

anyway.. big worry for kalo :(

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9th May 2020, 4:02 PM


yep, from the beginning recoil has always been sketched and inked on bristol boards :]

ยป here is a recent timelapse from when i was inking the art for the coloring contest [no audio]

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