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26th Mar 2020, 1:01 AM

Coloring Contest


• One entry per person. Your entry will count toward both the coloring and the caption categories.
• Tag @recoilcomic in the post so I can find it!
• Include the hashtag #recoilcoloringcontest
• Write your @handle on the entry form so I can find you even if I lose your original post.
• Color my boy.
• Write some lyrics/dialogue for him! Change or omit the speech bubble as needed.
• Add any details you like.
x NO hateful speech.
x NO hateful symbolism.

Submit by 11:59pm EST on April 28.


Transparent version // Printable version


Can I just do the caption part of the contest?
Yes! If you only want to fill in the speech bubble, you don’t have to color your entry in order for it to count.

Can I print out the form and color traditionally?
Yes. Take a picture of it or scan it back in so I can see!

Can I color the form digitally?
Yes. The transparent version is a .png that you can open in your program of choice.

Should I use a specific color scheme?
No. You are free to pick whatever colors you want. This is about how YOU want to color Kalo, not me! :]

How do I make sure my entry was recieved?
To help ensure that I see your entry and add it to my collection for judging, please make a post on your public tumblr/twitter, tag @recoilcomic, and include the hashtag #recoilcoloringcontest. Hopefully despite the hell algorithms, this should ensure that I see your work! I can’t 100% guarantee I will see every single one but I will comb my mentions as thoroughly as I can before I start to pick winners.

What if I don’t have a tumblr/twitter account?
I can’t guarantee that I’ll see your entry if you submit it by other means. But if you don’t have an account on either site, and don’t want to make one, you can post your entry in the Recoil Discord server, or leave a comment on this page.

How do I know if I win?
I will announce the winners everywhere you see this contest posted. I will also DM the winners, so make sure your DMs are open. Good luck!


Hey gang I hope you enjoy this contest! I originally wanted to do this around June, but current events reshuffled everything, so let's have fun with it now. The comic will be on pause while the contest runs. Patrons will still be able to see progress on new pages during the break. I don't have access to a scanner while everything is in lockdown, so... that's the main reason for the break! I intend to resume updates after the contest is over.

So have fun! I'll be back soon to announce... the WINNERS.

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