C6 P9
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16th Jan 2020, 12:02 AM

C6 P9

See the inks for this page »here«

The pin kickstarter is live! Get yours »HERE«

Let's make these hands!! Even if the design isn't your thing, it makes a world of difference when you share it with friends who dig it. Let's see how fast we can hit goal. >:]

Thank you so much to all my readers for sticking with me through all these years. We've gone through a lot together. I appreciate everyone who stayed through the Smackjeeves debacle and our new friends coming in from the Comic Fury crowd. It means the world that you read my comic, and I hope you like these pins too. <3

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16th Jan 2020, 7:47 AM


I seriously hope the doctor doesn't know what's really happening... I like him too much

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16th Jan 2020, 11:37 AM


What is the flag next to the trans flag supposed to mean?

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16th Jan 2020, 6:32 PM


it's a very muted bi flag, somewhat warped by the color scheme for this scene. it's a little more recognizable in the previous chapter

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